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Aventus Pharmacy Announces New Testing Sites

Walk-ins Welcome! COVID-19 testing available in our Tampa and Oviedo locations. Rapid testing results in under 15-minutes. No appointment necessary.


Florida Has Approved Aventus Health to Administer the COVID-19 Vaccine

Eligible Floridians will soon be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine through Aventus Health. Appointment scheduling will open as soon as we receive the vaccine.


SARS-CoV-2 Variant Test Breakthrough

Aventus Health announced its reliable COVID-19 variant test that identifies known and novel variants. Now available, a reliable test result that can advance the study, tracking and understanding of emerging variants.

Better Together

Aventus Health is a comprehensive healthcare leader that is transforming the industry by making personalized and precision medicine accessible and affordable to providers and patients.

Our diverse portfolio of integrated healthcare service companies and clinical care facilities provide a seamless platform for a wide range of cost-effective and advanced solutions – from diverse laboratory diagnostics with predictive and prescriptive analytics to specialized pharmacies and interventional specialists.

We partner with, and serve, healthcare providers to solve the dynamic challenges of incorporating new medical paradigms in order to improve their practices and the lives of their patients. We employ world-class medical, laboratory, pharmacy and data scientists; physicians; and healthcare thought leaders–all working together to deliver better health.

At Aventus, we know that better health starts with working better together.

COVID-19 Testing—
99% Accuracy

Aventus Health’s COVID-19 testing solutions ensure access, accuracy and accelerated results. We’ve been trusted by tens of thousands of individuals and organizations such as Disney, Major League Soccer, the WNBA and the WWE to protect their families, employees and communities.

Get tested today at multiple sites. We cover all your needs with a full range of testing solutions.

Service Reimagined

Aventus Health is providing game-changing services to healthcare providers who want to offer personalized care and precision treatments to their patients without adding significant costs and resources to their practices.

Providers use our advanced laboratories, specialized pharmacies and advanced billing services to leverage the diagnostic capabilities and predictive and prescriptive analytics of a large, national laboratory to design more effective treatments; prescribe customized medications for patients with special conditions or requiring alternative dosage forms; and eliminate the billing and payment delays and mistakes that come from working with third parties. Our highly skilled staff operate our multi-site certified laboratories, custom and retail pharmacies, and we handle our own billing in-house. And that’s just a sample of our commitment to serving providers.

MEDCI – A Medical Center of Excellence

Aventus Health is developing a state-of-the-art medical campus near Orlando Florida designed to advance personalized medicine for all. This patient-centric medical center of excellence will bring together over 60 physician specialities, a surgery center, a clinical research center and much more.