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Aventus Biolabs Leads the COVID-19 Response

Aventus Biolabs is leading the COVID-19 response through its comprehensive testing services delivered with convenience and accuracy as top priorities – from our partnership with the University of Central Florida and walk-in testing services at our select pharmacies to our CHEQ’D At-Home COVID-19 Test Kits. All of our tests provide 99% accurate results, which is why we continue to serve tens of thousands of people for their COVID-19 needs every single day.


Better Care to Every Patient at Every Stage of Life

Innovations in genomics and diagnostic technologies have created new opportunities for healthcare providers to deliver compassionate and effective care to every patient, at every stage of life.

Aventus Biolabs provides the answers every provider needs to personalize therapies and treatments by uniquely combining cutting-edge genetics testing with full toxicology and core lab testing services.

With four best-in-class CLIA certified labs licensed to operate in 48 states and all U.S. territories, our innovative diagnostic lab services include:

  • Core Clinical Lab – For Complete Diagnostic Services. Our core lab services are single-source lab solutions for faster results with customized reporting and support.

  • Genetics – For Personalized prevention and Treatment Strategies. We offer the most extensive genetics testing menu in the market, making it easy for providers to integrate genetic testing into their practices.

  • Toxicology – For Medication Monitoring and Addiction Medicine. Our comprehensive range of toxicology testing services provides drugs-of-abuse detection and prescription medication monitoring.

Along with our comprehensive test menu, we offer advanced sampling technologies, fully automated systems, and skilled laboratory staff to ensure fast and accurate analysis with customized reporting and tracking solutions. Aventus Biolabs is a one-shop, game-changing lab partner for physicians and other healthcare providers.

Aventus Biolabs’ extensive services empower providers to improve patient outcomes by significantly reducing risks and prescribing precision treatments – from giving hope to prospective parents worried about passing on genetic mutations to their baby, rapid relief to patients who are difficult to medicate, and peace of mind to those with a family history of cancer.

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