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CHEQ’D At-Home COVID-19 Test, by Aventus

The Only At-Home COVID-19 Test That’s “Triple-Checked.”

CHEQ’D by Aventus Health is the only At-Home COVID-19 Test Kit that is approved by the FDA and certified by CLIA, COLA and CAP. That’s important because being “Triple-Checked” ensures that CHEQ’D meets all of the highest standards for accuracy, reliability, quality and timeliness of results from the top three industry regulators. And that means you can confidently build your life around your CHEQ’D result. The results you receive are 99% accurate!

The Most Effective Tool in Fighting COVID-19

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), testing remains the most effective tool in the fight against COVID-19. As a result, getting the highest quality test from a trusted provider is crucial, but scheduling and waiting for in-person appointments can be dangerous and stressful. CHEQ’D makes COVID-19 testing at home safe, convenient and reliable.

Using the CHEQ’D At-Home COVID-19 Test, you receive:

  • The reliability of a COVID-19 PCR test – the gold standard for accuracy;
  • The only Triple-Checked COVID-19 Test you can self-administer at home;
  • Easy-to-follow and administer directions; and
  • A 99% accurate result in less than 48 hours, guaranteed.

99% Accuracy. 100% Peace of Mind.

If you test positive for COVID-19, you receive FREE medical advice from an Aventus healthcare provider – within 24 hours of test results. That’s because CHEQ’D comes from Aventus Health, a comprehensive healthcare company. Our mission is to transform the delivery of healthcare so that healthcare providers can deliver more personalized treatments, and patients receive the care they deserve. We are re-imagining healthcare through our wholly owned medical center, healthcare practices, specialized pharmacies and certified diagnostic laboratories. As a result of running our own certified laboratories, we set our own customer service standards, such as timely results. Unlike any other COVID-19 home test providers, we accept and process customers’ CHEQ’D specimens over weekends.

You don’t suffer through delays and red tape with the CHEQ’D At-Home COVID-19 Test Kit.

The CHEQ’D At Home COVID-19 Test Kit by Aventus Health will be available for purchase on-line.