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Imagine the Possibilities.
Cost-Effective. Holistic. Accessible.

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We’re bringing the latest advancements in modern medicine to more healthcare providers.

“Every healthcare provider dreams of delivering cost-effective and holistic patient care combining the best of medical, therapeutic and support services. Aventus Health makes that dream a reality.”

      ~ Oliver Dawoud, CEO



Aventus Biolabs

Advanced lab services on the forefront of personalized medicine.

Aventus Biolabs is dedicated to protecting and serving our community and beyond. We’re changing the game to help providers deliver effective precision medicine—and enable their patients to live better, healthier lives. The unique partnership between Aventus and UCF is truly innovation reimagined.

Aventus Biolabs offers:
• Genetic, toxicology and clinical lab services.
• Whole-genetics sequencing test panel for inherited cancers.
• A wide range of core clinical lab services to cover all diagnostic testing needs.


Aventus Pharmacy

When mass-produced drugs don’t meet your patient’s needs, we’ve got the answer.

Our specialized pharmacy prepares customized medications every day for patients with special medical conditions or requiring alternative dosage forms—always delivered with unmatched precision and care.


Aventus Pain and Spine Center

We won't let pain keep you from living your best life.

While injuries and joint problems are ubiquitous and universal, at Aventus Pain and Spine we treat every patient as individual and unique. Offering an unmatched range of comprehensive regenerative and interventional pain treatment options in a single practice, our team of world class providers combine the best of traditional orthopedic care with innovative regenerative medicine therapies. The goal? To deliver precise, personalized treatments that are integrated and balanced. So you can get back to your life sooner.