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Florida COVID-19 Immunization

Aventus Health has been Approved by the State of Florida to Provide the COVID-19 Vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine will soon be available through Aventus Health for eligible Floridians. Once we receive our supply of vaccines, you will be able to schedule your appointment directly with Aventus Health.

Florida COVID-19 Eligibility

We comply with the current Florida guidelines for COVID-19 vaccine eligibility, as listed below:

  • Persons 65 years of age and older
  • Healthcare personnel with direct patient contact
  • Residents and staff of long-term care facilities
  • Persons deemed to be extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 by hospital providers

For up-to-date information from the Florida Department of Health and changes in eligibility, click here.

Number of COVID-19 Shots Required

To date, most COVID-19 vaccines require two shots. The first shot helps your body recognize the virus and begins the immune response. The second shot, required a few weeks after the first shot, strengthens your immune response. For example, in the studies for Pfizer’s vaccine, the first shot proved to be approximately 52% effective in preventing COVID-19. The second shot increased effectiveness to approximately 95%.

Aventus Health Location for COVID-19 Immunization

At this time, we are planning to administer the COVID-19 vaccine at our corporate headquarters in Orlando (see below). Aventus Health’s trained staff from our pharmacies will be administering the individual doses.

Check back at www.aventushealth.com for updates.

Aventus Health headquarters

11301 Corporate Blvd.
STE 315
Orlando, FL 32817