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Healthcare Reimagined

We See Healthcare From A Different Perspective.

That Changes Everything.

Only a fraction of the patients who could benefit from precision diagnostics and targeted therapeutics have access to them.

We founded Aventus Health to change that.

Aventus Health Makes New Possibilities Available to More Providers — And More Patients.

Healthcare reinvented as part of a single mission: Personalized Medicine for All.

Laptop and stethoscope

We’re bringing the latest advancements in modern medicine to more healthcare providers.


“Every provider dreams of delivering cost-effective and holistic patient care combining the best of medical, therapeutic and support services. Aventus Health makes that dream a reality.”

Oliver Dawoud, CEO

Aventus Health is focused on advancing next-generation healthcare through an expanding family of companies, services and facilities. Our owned facilities include a hospital, medical practices, laboratories and pharmacies. Our exceptional provider services include a progressive hospital outreach program, integrated analytics and specialized billing designed to help providers thrive in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Advanced lab services on the forefront of personalized medicine.

We make it easy for you to take your lab testing to the next level. Aventus Biolabs offers genetic, toxicology and clinical lab services that include the market’s top whole-genetics sequencing test panel for inherited cancers.

Visit the Aventus Biolabs website.

Go Ahead, Play Hard. We Won't Let Pain Keep You Down  

Aventus Pain and Spine provides an unmatched range of comprehensive regenerative and orthopedic treatment options in a single practice. We believe that each patient is unique, and our team of world class providers combine the best of traditional orthopedic care with innovative regenerative medicine therapies to achieve your best results.

Visit the Aventus Pain and Spine website.

When mass-produced drugs don’t meet your patient’s needs, we’ve got the answer.

Our specialized pharmacy prepares customized medications every day for patients with special medical conditions or requiring alternative dosage forms—always delivered with unmatched precision and care.

Visit the Aventus Pharmacy website.

Developing MEDCI is our latest endeavor: a patient-centric healthcare facility designed to reimagine the delivery of healthcare for an entire community in central Florida. More details coming soon.